Greetings from this sleepy teacher-blogger!

My old hound dogs would not let me rest this morning despite a late night of surfing the web for classroom resources and blogging tutorials!  I am currently very caffeinated, so I hope that today's post makes sense and doesn't ramble on!

I have discovered that I lack some of the patience needed to learn all of the technology required to be successful in the "blogosphere."  I currently have installed what seems like one thousand different type fonts and assorted clip art onto my desktop, and must now figure out how to organize it all into files so that I can find and use it easily.  I would really rather just wave my wand and say some magic words to make it all work, but that is the Mary Poppins part of my personality coming into play!  I have taken her "spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down" philosophy to heart and eaten some candy for breakfast this morning to make my tech tasks less daunting!  My second graders each brought me one miniature Snickers bar as their Halloween homework, and I have been treating myself whenever my computer decides to play tricks on me!

May your weekend be wonderful and restful!  I am off to walk my faithful canine companions as the sun comes up on this chilly Autumn day!

Here is a photo of their old and wrinkled faces!  Rose is the basset/daschund mix on the left, and Brutus I the tan and white full-bred (and as stubborn as they come) basset on the right!  They are both "senior citizens" that I adopted two years ago from a shelter in Marysville, Ohio.  They are quite a comical duo, and have been good company since both of my children "left the nest!"

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