'Twas the day after Thanksgiving
and all through this house,
Only this teacher was stirring
and it wasn't because of a mouse!

May C. Clement Moore please forgive me for the very forlorn riff on his holiday poem, but I wanted a rhymed introduction to today's post!

As you may have guessed from my title, I am NOT participating in Black Friday this morning.  I am enjoying my second cup of Hazlenut Cream coffee and working on all things tPt and blog-related.  I may stay in my pajamas until noon!?  I may not venture out of my condo except to walk the dogs many times today?!  Who knows?

My daughter and I did the Black Friday frenzy ONCE a few years ago because a local discount store had toasters for $10 and we needed one for breakfast bagels.  Too many long lines and too much traffic later, we were home by 10 a.m. after a 5 a.m. departure and ready for a mid-morning nap!  We did not encounter too many crabby cashiers or crazy customers, but just decided that we were better off staying out of the future fray than being in the midst of it.

Fast forward to today, where I was able to hop to and from 20 other educators Facebook pages and collect FREE Summer In December-themed activities to use in my classroom!  All in my pajamas, and all before 5 a.m.!   Many of the teacher-bloggers at The Primary Chalkboard are from the southern United States and their activities are full of sunshine--something we don't get much of in the "snow zone" at this time of year! 

To express my gratitude for their good idea and generosity, I'd like to share their information in hopes you will check it out and proper from it as well!  I started at the Facebook page of one of my favorites--a fellow "Hippie Chick--Peace, Love, and First Grade.  You should too!


I'd also like to give a huge shout out to two bloggers whose products and blog posts continue to inspire me and make me a better teacher!  My students LOVE their activities, and I can't wait to shop their sales!  Check out their tPt store sales!

I am "throwing a sale" of my own for tPt's Cyber Monday and Tuesday so I better get busy and finish some products I need to upload!  I am also planning to host a giveaway in honor of my birthday on
Dec. 13th (Yep...I was born on a Friday!) and my one month anniversary of being a blogger, so stop back here often for details of the upcoming fun!
 I must now switch over from blogger mode to creator mode!  Know that I just love working from my couch with one sleepy hound at my side and one laying on my feet.  Please pardon the dog drool on my arm.  It is how Brutus shows his undying affection to this Basset Hound Mama!
Enjoy your day!




  1. Hi, Jennifer! Thanks so much for shouting out our Primary Chalkboard facebook hop! I'm so happy you like my page and am thrilled to find another child of the 70s! Ha!
    Happy Holidays to you!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

    1. Hi Laura!
      Thank YOU for your kind comments! My blog is still "under construction," as is my tPt store. Both feed my need to be colorful and creative though, and continue to be works in progress!

      Keep calm and teach on through this crazy month of December!