I woke up this morning with a million things running through my mind, so adding to my "to do" list was my first order of business.  Unfortunately, I have about three subcategories of to-do lists and therefore need to decide which one I am going to start with and then force myself to stay focused!

In making my lists and checking them twice, I find some of my tasks to be invigorating and then some to be not so nice.  For instance, in comparing the following choices, using my new laminator to ready materials for my literacy and math stations this week is WAY more fun than cleaning out my spare room.  Rummaging through my stash of small gift items to find a surprise for my Secret Buddy at school is WAY more fun than folding laundry!  Working on a new product bundle for my new tPt store is also WAY more enjoyable than reading through the Math In Focus chapter on three-digit subtraction with
re-grouping that is going to stump about half of my class and make me want to cry! 

I think that I will just have to alternate the "want" to-do tasks with the "need" to-do tasks on my lists and just try and stay on track!  Knowing that I have a 5-day break for the Thanksgiving holiday coming soon makes me less pressured to get everything done this weekend anyways!  The respite will be welcome and much needed!  My class had been BEYOND chatty lately, and I imagine the condition will only get worse as we move into "holi-daze" mode in December!

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