Thoughts from a Less-Than-Tech Savvy Teacher on this Thursday


Greetings and Salutations!

Just as I was feeling very proud of myself this morning for uploading a new cover banner and profile pic to my Facebook page, as well as a Teachers Pay Teachers button to my blog layout, I did something to delete the beautiful background that Kerri from created for me!  As Lucy from the Peanuts cartoon always used to exclaim.....AUUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!

I have since e-mailed my dear designer with an urgent S.O.S. and asked yet again for assistance as I continue to slog my way through the blogosphere!  Who knew that using social media would be so stressful at times?  It has also been very fun though, and making new connections and sharing resources with teachers across the country over the past weeks has been invigorating and inspiring!  Reading e-mails and posts from my daily Blog Lovin' feed fills my brain with new ideas and reminds me that there are lots of others out finding new ways to reach and teach young children!

I am off to do just that now, and hope that my classroom will be free of any technology "gremlins" today so that my lessons will go smoothly!  My SmartBoard has been working as slow as molasses.  Sometimes I honestly long for a good old green chalkboard, my antique line-making tool, and the smell and texture of my colored chalk!  Don't call me old-fashioned, just call me "vintage!"

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